KCGS official 2020 TOBY MAC ticket give-away contest

Contest Rules

These are the contest rules for the 2020 Toby Mac Ticket give-way contest. These rules are to be paired with the KCGS Official Contest Rules where applicable.

The Prize is (1) one Toby Mac concert ticket, worth $100. The ticket is a general admittance ticket which allows one car of six occupants to attend the July 9, 2020, appearance of Toby Mac at the Kenda Drive-in Theater, located in Marshall, Arkansas. All admission restrictions placed upon the holders of the ticket apply as specified on the ticket.

To qualify, the entrant must locate the official KCGS Radio Facebook page post for the TOBY MAC ticket giveaway, and then click the “like” button on the KCGS Radio Facebook page for that post. Only "likes" to this one contest post seen on the KCGS Radio Facebook page will be considered as valid entries into this contest. In other words, if the official post for this contest is shared, and that shared post is liked, that like will not be considered as a valid entry into the contest.  (It is highly recommended the applicant message the KCGS Radio Page, as this will help KCGS contact them through Facebook Messenger). KCGS will communicate to the winner through the Facebook page linked to the like. Those wishing to enter the contest must do so by 5PM, Central time, on June 22, 2020, at which time no other entries will be accepted. Only one entry per person. Entrant must live in the KCGS listening area.

After the June 22 deadline for entry into the contest, the names of those who clicked the Like button for the TOBY MAC ticket giveaway (as seen on the KCGS Radio Facebook Page) will be placed into a randomizer, and (1) one person will be selected as the winner. A second and third name will be generated by the randomizer, and should the initial winner fail to acknowledge receipt of their prize within (3) three days after KCGS’s initial attempt to notify them through their Facebook account, the prize will then be awarded to the alternate winner, by order drawn.

KCGS Radio, their affiliates and their respective employees, and any other participating sponsor disclaim any responsibility for the inability to make or complete a registration due to equipment malfunction, acts of God or otherwise (including algorithmic disruptions on the KCGS Facebook page, such as "likes" being removed by Facebook).

Winners must grant KCGS permission to use his or her name in connection with this promotion, and the winner must waive claims of royalty, and right of remuneration for such use. Each winner must waive any and all claims of liability against KCGS, and their affiliates and their respective employees, and any participating sponsors for any personal injury or loss, which may occur from participation in this contest or from use of the prize.  

KCGS reserves the right to refuse awarding any prize to a person who is determined to have violated a rule as outlined above, gained unfair advantage in participating in the contest, or obtained a winner status using fraudulent means.  

Winner is responsible for any and all taxes associated with winning the prize.

The station management, whose decision is final, will decide any questions concerning these rules and the administration of the contest.

Winners will be required to provide proof of identification, and winners are responsible to make arrangements to receive the prize.

These rules may be amended at any time by KCGS, without prior notice.